20 MORE Times People Realized Accidental Art Was Better Than Their Own Art

20 MORE Times People Realized Accidental Art Was Better Than Their Own Art –

#161 Looks Like An Impressionist Painting

Image source: AlGrave

#162 After A Party, This Dusty Table Looks Like Art

Image source: Krocsyldiphithic

#163 This Display Of Notebooks At My Local Goodwill Looks Like Modern Art

Image source: sozh

#164 Google Maps Glitched Out But It Looks Awesome

Image source: Sleevelesssocks

#165 This Map Made By A Ladybugs’ Footprints

Image source: Average_Barrier_Reef

#166 My Wet Hair Made This Pattern On The Bed

Image source: snarkely_poof

#167 A Bunch Of Old Photos Got Left In The Rain

#168 The Cosmic Depths Of Dirty Dishwater

#169 This Stain From A Coffee Filter Looks Like A Watercolor Painting Of A Boot

Image source: NoHorseShitWang

#170 The Soap On My Windscreen

Image source: linkinparkfob

#171 Accidentally Printed A Picture On The Wrong Side Of The Paper. Came Out Like A Painting

Image source: GikeM

#172 The Way This Tempered Glass Broke Looks Kinda Like Mountains

Image source: ScantAjax

#173 Rain Against Grate

#174 Windshield During The Elite Carwash

#175 A Construction Crew Spilled Paint On This Wall. I Snapped This Photo Before They Ruined The Art Piece By Trying To Clean It

Image source: paul_oak

#176 Congealed Fat And Leftover Meat Juice From Cooking Roast Looks Like Art

Image source: JewelCatNoir

#177 My Frozen Windshield Looks Like A Bob Ross Painting

Image source: BeardedAndTatted

#178 Heat Haze Caused By Jet Engine Exhaust

Image source: ouikipedia

#179 Mud Spattered On Black Car

#180 Sand Painting – Not By Hand But By The Wind

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