20 Rare Animals From Around The World

20 Rare Animals From Around The World –



1. A rare albino elephant

2. A black jaguar from a Slovakian zoo

3. Rainbow lobster

4. Lilac-breasted roller — small but bright!

5. Miko the fox is a rose champagne color.

6. “At first, I thought I caught a piece of glass.”

7. This beautiful piebald fawn looks as if it’s wearing a masquerade mask.

8. This caterpillar looks like a small copy of a Chinese dragon.

9. This floating blackberry is actually called an oranda, and it’s related to goldfish.

10. A spotless giraffe

11. This marine iguana looks as if it’s participating in the shooting of the sequel to Mad Max.

12. Maybe you’ve heard about the Secretary Bird before, but you have hardly ever seen its eyelashes.

13. Sometimes Harpy Eagles have a very human face.

14. Do you believe this really exists on our planet?

15. The pink grasshopper is real too.

16. This Striped Hyena looks like a punk rocker!

17. Scientists call them Red-Eyed Crocodile Skinks, but we still believe they are mini pet dragons.

18. This Blue Sea Slug’s name is elegance.

19. There may have been panthers in this pit bull’s family tree.

20. This Armadillo Lizard looks like a modified Mozilla Firefox logo.


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