The 20 Sweetest Things To Ever Happen At School

The 20 Sweetest Things To Ever Happen At School – 


The high school I went to had a strict anti-bullying policy. So naturally kids were bullied all the time. I do really think that you can’t force someone to be kind. You can only change the culture around them and make it a place where kindness thrives.

I realize that changing a culture is a monumental and near impossible task. One that most people would rather not undertake. Still, there are people who do it and try to make their schools a better place.

1. What a way to go out.

PE teacher retires, 700 students form a guard of honor to thank him

2. Plus, now you do know Iron Man is looking out for you.

Wholesome teacher is wholesome from wholesomememes

3. This is how life long friendships are born.

“Teachers of Reddit, what do you think of shy students?” This wholesome exchange (the whole thread is thoroughly wholesome btw) from wholesomememes

4. It’s a Christmas miracle!

*repost* After this teacher complimented a student on his shoes, the whole class chipped in to get him the same pair for Christmas from wholesomememes

5. How could you not tear up?

Teachers are so important. Can’t get more wholesome than this. (X-Post from r/BlackPeopleTwitter) from wholesomememes

6. Those were the days.

My old elementary school teacher has valentines for us all ❤ from wholesomememes

7. I’ll take them all, please.

My school now has sticky notes for students to take that have positivity and motivation notes on them such as “You’re amazing, make someone smile today” and more ❤ from wholesomememes


8. I wonder what my handshake would be.
9. You are praised.

Almost everyday, my students wait for me with loving messeges praising my work and myself. In my country teachers are not well paid and our importance is not properly acknowledged, but they make it all worth it. from wholesomememes

10. What a nice parting gift.

My dad received a gift from a student not long after he graduated. Way to go dad 🙂 from wholesomememes

11. This melts my frozen heart.

Nice to see school caring about everyone from wholesomememes

12. The hero we all need.

High School Valentine’s Wholesomeness from wholesomememes

13. I feel like this is the most inspiring thing a teacher could say.

the sign infront of my brothers elementary school from wholesomememes

14. The holidays are for everyone.

I go to an international school, this was posted on our Facebook group a couple of days ago from wholesomememes

15. I hope these were left up all school year.

Post-it notes like these were stuck on every locker in my school today 🙂 from wholesomememes

16. A wonderful idea!

My school created a page where people submit pictures of someone to compliment them and are posted anonymously from wholesomememes

17. Nothing’s changed.

Students welcome girl back after she gets leg prosthetic from wholesomegifs

18. It’s not great motivation but still very nice.

u/oldmanscarecrow is a custodian at a high school and did an AMA and this comment of his reminded me of this thread from wholesomememes

19. Uh, thanks.

A student of mine usually posts puns on my board. Yesterday, she posted something wholesome! from wholesomepics


20. I mean, this one wins, right?

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