20 Times Good People Did Good Things

20 Times Good People Did Good Things –



1. Kid stops a leak in a fire hose.

2. Son shaves his head to support his father with cancer.

3. Indiana school turns unused food into take home meals for kids.

4. Puppy saved near a frozen river.

5. This note was attached to his washing machine.

6. Man installs this ramp for girl with cerebral palsy.

7. Police officer plays with a girl who was recently in an accident.

8. She saved this baby bunny from a cat.

9. Neighbor gave these treats to a man having a bad day.

10. This was left at a bar after having a chat with a deaf man using sign language.

11. Kids clean up the streets.

12. Dog being driven to her new home.

13. This was found outside a dorm.

14. Food left for homeless people.

15. Seed bombs with nectar rich wildflower, to help with the declining bee population.

16. He helped out a guy who ran out of gas on the highway.

17. Man does laundry for homeless people.

18. Kid hit a bird with his bike and is trying to save it with all the money he has.

19. An act of kindness from an old man.

20. Celebrating her first birthday. This is the puppy from pic #4.



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