20 Times Mother Nature Amazed And Amused Us

20 Times Mother Nature Amazed And Amused Us –


1. Solar winds over Norway.


2. Ground to cloud lightning.

3. Amazing lightning bolt from a plane.

4. Lava sphere coming out of the sea.

5. Ice shards on a lake, after a freeze.

6. Double rainbow.

7. Neat way this snow slid down this windshield.

8. Cool bubbly lake surface.

9. Bioluminescent phytoplankton.

10. Underwater forest in Cape Town.

11. This cave shimmers blue due to sunlight refraction.

12. Rare shot of lightning with a rainbow.

13. Morning dew on a lady bug.

14. Wide shot of a rainstorm.

15. Ground pattern in Death Valley.

16. A frozen wave.

17. Moisture soaked dandelion.

18. Rainbow eucalyptus tree.

19. A circle rainbow.

20. Droplets of lava caught by the wind and stretched into glass.




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