20 Times Nature Was Naturally Funny

20 Times Nature Was Naturally Funny –


Nature has a sense of humor and our pets are living proof of that. From a tiny turtle looking like a guy with a sombrero to a lizard holding a leaf guitar, all over the internet animal pictures will make you laugh your heart out. Sometimes nature acts like a talented director who constructed the perfect concept for the most amusing shot to be taken.

1. This little turtle with its tiny sombrero

2. This frog with her Princess Leia from Star Wars look

3. What a cat drama queen looks like:

6. We are not sure whether this is a dog or a giraffe.

7. This goat is probably a visitor from another planet.

8. Look at this giant rock of… a seal!

9. These scenes are not appropriate for little birds!

13. Just a squirrel during the Animal Olympics in Gymnastics

14. A friendly fish slap to a bear

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Grizzly bear fail

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16. This 2-headed duckling is more than cute.

18. Not your regular chicken

19. The new hair color looks amazing on you, baby girl.

20. The Marilyn Monroe of pigeons

We just love those faces. There’s nothing cuter than a spontaneous animal smirk. Have you captured any crazy photos like the ones on our list? What’s the funniest pose your pet has ever gotten into? Share your photos in the comments.

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