20 Times People Realized Accidental Art Was Better Than Their Own Art

20 Times People Realized Accidental Art Was Better Than Their Own Art –



#1 Art Only Nature Can Create. My Fence This Morning After A Snowy Night On Terschelling, The Netherlands

Image source: Greien218

#2 Morning Frost Looks Like It’s Painted

Image source: Kvapil

#3 In Cute Cat News, My Mom Put Up An Easter Decal On Our Front Door And It Makes Gigi Look Like A Dr. Seuss Character

Image source: drewsoulman

#4 Oranges Photographed Through The Glass Panes Of A Greenhouse

Image source: mikeleus

#5 A Rock Created Bird Shaped Window Art On My Car

Image source: AshlynnMartell

#6 Sunset Reflected In A Broken Mirror

Image source: sivribiber

#7 I Dropped Some Water, Opened The Table Extension To Dry And A City Landscape With Temples And Pinnacles Appeared

Image source: Roccobot

#8 Even The Shadows In Scotland Are Plaid

Image source: BookerDeWittsCarbine

#9 Something Bumped Against A Wall At Work And Made A Painting Of A Snowy Town

Image source: bonerificnoodles

#10 This Colony Of Moss Growing Inside A Bike Seat

Image source: teton_blamer


#11 Mud Spatters On The Car Window Created An Accidental Monet On My Friend’s Outback Road Trip

Image source: buzzy5

#12 After I Poured Milk Into My Coffee, I Found Snoopy On The Doghouse Under The Moon

Image source: Tacec

#13 Volcanic Explosion On A Lid

Image source: sylvester49

#14 The Swirls On This Log

Image source: fudsworth

#15 The Snow Has Settled Only On The Outline Of The Bricks On My Friends Driveway

Image source: calmdownlad

#16 Christmas Lights Under The Snow

Image source: Binyah_Binyah

#17 Blue With A Touch Of Yellow. Unstirred Paint

Image source: Minhimalism

#18 The Tapestry Above My Bed Made A Pretty Sweet Reflection In My Coffee This Morning

Image source: deathbypolkadots

#19 The Shadow From The Dirt On My Window Looks Like Mountains

Image source: maybeimnotlying

#20 The Way This Wood Split Looks To Me Like A City Skyline

Image source: kentdent1

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