20 MORE Times People Realized Accidental Art Was Better Than Their Own Art

20 MORE Times People Realized Accidental Art Was Better Than Their Own Art

#21 A Tree Pattern Inside A Tree

Image source: AbortedGallow

#22 Bark Of A Snow Gum Tree Looks Like A Painting

Image source: Proteon

#23 This Car Door Looks Like An UFO Above The Forest

Image source: Sighma

#24 The Spilled Ink On My Finger Looks Like A Forrest Fire Have Taken Place

Image source: BrucePee

#25 The Frost On My Window Looks Like Birds Flying Off A Pine Tree

Image source: thunderstorm35

#26 My Friend Took A Picture Of Her Cat With A Crappy Cellphone Camera Through A Dirty Window Frame And It Looks Like A Painting

Image source: reddit.com

#27 This Coffee Stain That Resembles A Map On The Inside Of My Cup

Image source: praesespilsbaas

#28 This Aerial Photo Of A Garden Looks Like A Surrealist Painting

Image source: Simmo5150

#29 Fine Art

Image source: Tarig13

#30 Plum Crazy (Phg) Chrysler. Unstirred Paint

Image source: LoganQBerry

#31 Bubbles Seen Through The Top Of The Shampoo Bottle

Image source: ScrippyTrips

#32 My Dog’s Face Looks Like A Van Gogh Painting

Image source: un_xpekted

#33 The Camera Focused On The Reflection Of The Tree Instead Of The Watch

Image source: GiveMeYourGuitar

#34 Found This Smeared Paint On The Window Of A Vacant Store That Looks Like A Classical Chinese Watercolour Painting Of A Horse

Image source: raskolnikova

#35 Was Coloring Eggs With My Niece When She Accidentally Made A Dragon Egg

Image source: AwkwardPigeon

#36 Centrifugal Force Creates A Perfect Work Of Art

Image source: deusXYX

#37 The Ice Pattern Outside Of My House Looks Like A Wolf Spirit

Image source: iMoosker

#38 My Coworker Spilled Wine In The Office So I Turned It Into A Spazzy Cat, He Loved It

Image source: VoodooMamaJuuJuu

#39 I Cracked My Screen Protector And It Created A Beautiful Piece Of Landscape Art

Image source: iMiserable

#40 Algae On A Chinese Lake Looks Like An Impressionist Painting

Image source: Jianan Yu

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