21 Hilarious Pictures Will Show You What Cats Are All About

21 Hilarious Pictures Will Show You What Cats Are All About –

They aren’t the best at covering up their crimes

They love to sit there and look sad that you have to leave and they get no attention

They are determined to keep you on a tight schedule when it comes to their 5:32 breakfast meal time

They check your groceries, and you know you’ve done well with this look

They will let you know that all they want in warmth

This is them when they are cold…

They are the reason you’re late to everything

They are fierce predators that are just waiting for their prey to let down their gaurd

They want/ need you to fear them

They will always find the most inconvenient place to think about life

Odd comfort is their first name no matter what you named them

They are always shocked by your excuses of going to work

But, they know how to turn on their charm when they want something

They do not know how to play with thread

They are all about fashion, but just don’t like your style

But, just like us… they refuse to get out of a warm bed

And it is their duty to playing in a plastic bag at 3 am

They find the perfect solution for their food coma naps

They are masters at Cat-oflauge… don’t even try!

They like to make fun of you, like when you wake up and just sit on your bed contemplating work

Cats, they are basically the center of the universe

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