21 Pets Who Will Lift Your Mood

In order to catch fish, you need to become fish.

“He’s using his back leg as a pillow.”

“Life hack: Cool your butt off on a hot day by pressing it against a cold door.”

“My cousin’s hamster after eating a ton of popcorn”

“He doesn’t pop them or know how to walk around with one, but balloons are his favorite toys.”

“Looked over to find my dog shoving her paw down her throat.”

“Tried to take a picture of him looking cute in his kitty hut. Caught this demon mid-yawn instead.”

“He is not stuck, he just wants attention.”

“My mom is looking after my sister’s dog. She just sent this picture with the caption, “Seriously though?”

“He has been staring inside for 5 whole minutes.”

“He is not allowed to put his paws on the screen door, so this is what he does.”

“She forgot how to lick.”

“My brother’s cat can fall asleep wherever.”

“My dog loves bread, but I have no idea how he got this loaf.”

“Jim can’t see the water when he is trying to drink, that’s why he keeps poking his nose in and snorting funnily. He drinks like a tiger — in a lying down position.”

“My old chubby boy tries so hard to keep himself clean.”

“I slung my jacket over the arm of the couch. 10 minutes later I turned around to this.”

“He is a little confused, but he’s got the spirit.”

“My cat was making a noise under my bed last night. This is how I found her.”

“It’s good we got him a car seat so he could be more comfortable in the car.”


“Lucy fell asleep at her first vet visit, sitting on her bum.”

Bonus: “This groundhog just remembered something embarrassing from years ago.”



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