21 Weird Things Cats Do That Only Cat Owners Understand

21 Weird Things Cats Do That Only Cat Owners Understand – 

1. The cutest thing a cat can do is when they cover their face with their paw.

It’s when they’re sleepy but it’s too bright for their lil’ eyesies.

2. However many toys you buy your cat, nothing beats their excited little face when you open a cardboard box or give them a fresh paper bag.

3. For some reason cats can’t seem to remember that your feet are attached to you.

4. You feel most proud of your cat when it kills an insect for you.

Many times you have tried to point out an annoying fly to your cat, but your cat just wants to nap instead.

5. Every cat has a “knocking off” hour where they will push things off surfaces deliberately to get your attention.


Sometimes they even look you in the eye while they’re doing it.

6. And every cat has an hour where they just go for a little casual jog around the house.

OK, more like a demonic sprint.

7. As soon as you need a wee, your cat will sense this and immediately sit on you.

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And you cannot move because then your cat might never sit on you ever again.

8. Cats hate it when you hold their paws, but you can’t resist trying because they are so adorable.

And sometimes when they’re really sleepy they’ll let you.

9. It is your cat’s mission to get as much cat litter out of the tray as possible.

In your cat’s ideal world the whole house would be covered in a thin layer of litter.

10. Your cat will always sit on the pile of stuff on the bed instead of the vast empty space on the bed.

Cat owners would never leave a pile of clean washing on their bed unless being covered in cat hair was suddenly the hot new trend.

11. Even though cats are small, they are capable of taking up as much bed space as an adult human.

It’s a talent.

12. Even if your cat doesn’t actually want to eat what you’re eating, they still want to sniff it, and maybe give it a little lick.

“But you don’t like salad” is something you’ve definitely said to your cat.

13. Cats aren’t generally political, but they are all staunchly opposed to any closed door.

In a cat’s utopia every door would be open, you could go out or in or sit on the threshold as much as you like, and no one would pee alone.

14. It is impossible to call a cat by the name you originally gave them. Over time their true name will come to you.

Usually it’s either Mrs Cuddlefloof or Crapbag.

15. But if your cat is ever naughty they just get referred to as “The Cat”.

The equivalent of your mum calling you by your full name.

16. Cats will happily sleep for 23 hours of the day, but they will be 100% awake in the hour before your alarm is meant to go off.


All cats are morning people.

17. Nothing confuses a cat more than baths.

It’s terrifying when they walk along the edge and you think about how your naked body would turn into a scratching post if they fell in.

18. Cats don’t really want attention, but also they don’t want you to give attention to anything else.

So naturally they sit on what you’re doing and then ignore you.

19. Cats will choose the most expensive item of furniture in the house to be their favourite scratching spot.

20. Cats have absolutely no concept of personal space.

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21. Cats are the most beautiful and precious creatures of this earth.


We must protect them even if they don’t like us that much.

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