22 Animals Guaranteed To Make You Smile

22 Animals Guaranteed To Make You Smile –



1. This sweet exchange.

2. This pupper who brought his friend a blanket because he didn’t want him to be chilly.

Daily Mail/Facebook / Via reddit.com 

3. These cats who decided to have a party together on a trampoline.

4. This kitty and this torty sharing a nice meal together.

@lazyboneskuehn / Via Twitter: @lazyboneskuehn 

5. This heartfelt apology.

6. This cow who patiently waited for her friend so they could walk together.

7. This smol boy who likes to help and spend time with his blind older brother.

8. This pigeon who just wants to fit in with his friends.

9. These ninja cats.

10. These sleeping beauties.

11. This unlikable trio that beat the odds.

awwww-cute / Via awwww-cute.tumblr.com 

12. This dog letting a cat use him as a drum.

13. This baby hippo who decided to befriend a 103-year-old tortoise.

mogifire / Via mogifire.tumblr.com 

14. This cat playfully barrel rolling his friend.

15. This swimming-lesson-turned-boat-ride.

16. These star-crossed lovers.

17. This cat who made friends with a feral cat and now makes time to hang out with him every day.

breadcatbuddy / Via reddit.com 

18. This doggo getting “medicine” with his brother so he doesn’t feel left out.


19. This capybara and his masseuse.

20. This casual visit from a relative.

BlazePress / Via blazepress.tumblr.com 


22. And finally, this adorable slap in the face to Mother Nature.

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