22 Animals That Are Winning At Winter!

22 Animals That Are Winning At Winter! –



Wintertime is said to be the most magical time of year, and for animals, that is exactly the case. It’s not very often that our furry friends get to see the magical white dust we call snowfall over the world, but when they do, their reactions are the cutest things ever.



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This first photo of Denali has been around the world more times than a luck assuring piece of chain mail. It’s been shared on a site called reddit, more often than not with someone claiming the dog as theirs. It’s weird to me that someone would claim our Denali. But what’s always weirder is people’s internet comments. They say we are “too far from shore” as if they can somehow tell from this one angle. They ask “where is his coat; poor boy is freezing!”. I want to tell them: Denali is a girl and she’s clearly wearing her coat! 😬 People declare that the dog is doomed for death and the human is actively doing animal abuse. Or that the human will die and the dog will have to sadly survive eating [my] flesh. Denali and Beans swim in the disgustingly cold Bow River all year around for as long as I’ll let them (they are each 13.5 years old now). No matter what you do, #hatersgonnahate. In trying times, I just think to myself #whatwouldtaylorswiftdo 🙈❤️🐕 #shakeitoff

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