22 Epically Geeky Animal Habitats Built By Their Owners

When you are an animal lover with a passion for the nerdy things in life, you cannot help but want to share your geek interests with your furry (or not so furry) companion. This collection of geeky animal habitats and homes is perfect for enthusiasts of all things nerd or the pet owner looking for some inspiration.

Here you will find both adorable and totally creative ways that fans have celebrated their favorite film, television show, or video game. You can also discover ways to geek up your own home, from superhero cat caves to nerdy fish tanks. For animals big or small, indoors or outdoors, there are no limits to how you can bring your interests closer to home.


World 1-1 Aquarium
Photo: RealmBeyondSight
TMNT Themed Turtle Tank
Photo:  Pinterest
Hobbit Hole Chicken Coops
Photo:  Pinterest
Mario Cat Shelf
Photo: Pinterest
Mario Cat Tower
Photo: Pinterest
Chain Chomp Cat Bed
Photo: Bored Panda
Spongebob Fish Tank
Photo: Pinterest
Indiana Jones-Inspired Cat Bridge
Photo: Pinterest
BioShock Fish Tank
Photo: Metaweb/GNU Free Documentation License
Jurassic Park-Themed Hamster Playpen
Photo: Pinterest
Star Wars Landspeeder Cat-Bed
Photo: Pinterest
Pacman Cat Unit
Photo: Pinterest
Lego Pirate Ship Aquarium
Photo: Pinterest
Voltron Cat Cubby
Photo: Think Geek
Death Star Bird House
Photo: Pinterest
Doctor Who Fish Tank
Photo: Imgur
Mario and Luigi Birdhouse
Photo: Pinterest
Captain America Cage Accessories
Photo: Tail Buddy
NASA Cat Cave
Photo: Made For Pets/Etsy
Pikachu Cat Cave
Photo: Made For Pets/Etsy
Mario Lizard Enclosure
Photo: flickr/CC0
Neko Atsume Cat Cafe
Photo: Petio/Grape

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