22 Handy Techniques For Origami You Can Use in Everyday Life

22 Handy Techniques For Origami You Can Use in Everyday Life –


Sure, you can fold a crane, or maybe even a pin-wheel, but the items on this list take origami to a new and functional level. It’s time to check out these cool origami instructions and fold up some neat stuff you can use in your daily life!

Who would have thought that origami could be more than just decorative pieces or fun paper folding tricks? As the paper folding ideas on this list prove, there are tons of helpful and useful origami tricks you can use in every day life. Best of all, these instructions are actually simple to follow. Seriously, even you can handle these!

Need a functional water cup? Fold one! Need to keep your chips fresh? Just origami the heck out of that packaging! Is your shirt drawer a mess? Why not get it in order with some fun origami instructions? The ideas on this list prove that origami is more than just paper folding tricks. It can actually make your life a lot easier.

Rather than just writing off origami as just something bored people do in class, check out this list, which is full of origami you can use in everyday life. Upvote the most helpful way to use origami and get folding!


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