22 Hilarious Dogs That Are As Awkward As They Are Adorable

22 Hilarious Dogs That Are As Awkward As They Are Adorable –


Most dog owners know that our dogs can be just as weird and awkward as the people we know.

Sometimes their behavior or the looks on their faces can have us thinking, “What the…”

Here are 22 of those moments:

1) These Dogs Giving Their Brother a Swirlee

They’re probably just trying to drown him out of love.

2) This Dog Who is Sitting “Like An Idiot”

The Imgur user who captioned this photo may be being a little harsh but this dog is a weirdo fo sho… and we like it.

3) When Your Dog Breaks

How are you going to manage to fix this one?

4) Teeth McGee Over Here

We’re not sure if he’s really happy or is going to bite our head off. Apparently, he got his teeth cleaned and has been weirding out like this every since.

5) Foot in Mouth Dog

This dog sucks his foot on the reg.

6) It Doesn’t Get Derpier (or Cuter) Than This

Hi *derp* my name is Leo *derp*.

7) Can I Help?

No dog… no you cannot. Just sit there and look ridiculous.

8) This Dog Who Looks Like He’s On Something Illegal

Dancing and freaking out at the same time. This dog needs help and maybe a 12-step program.

9) This Dog That Enjoys a Warmed Butt

Same dog… same.

10) This Dog Who Prefers a Corner

Apparently, they are much cozier.

11) Sad Hamburger Face

Is that a hamburger or are you just sad to see me?

12) This Dog Enjoying a Leisurely Soak

It softens the fur.

13) Is This Guy Alright?

What’s this guy’s deal?

14) Look at My New Shoes!

Aren’t they the coolest?!

15) Sorry to Tell You Dog But the Results Came Back Positive

Say it ain’t so doc… say it ain’t so.

16) It’s Going to Be OK

These poor dogs think they are going to the vet but they are actually going to the park. Talk about dramatic!

17) Is He Here Yet?

Is Santa here yet?!?! We’ve been SO good!

18) This Dog That Climbs Trees

Call me Bella… Bella of the jungle.

19) This Dog Who Loves to Play Ball

Even if he sucks at it.

20) This Dog Who Is a Big Baby

And sat on his dad’s lap all day at work.

21) This Dog That is Less Than Satisfied With His Birthday Party

Is that peanut butter cake? I prefer vanilla…

22) This Dog Who Likes to Hold Hands

Can you say abandonment issues?

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