23 Facts About Wild And Exotic Animals That You Need To Know

23 Facts About Wild And Exotic Animals That You Need To Know –


Our natural world is so diverse that some things in it might seem absurd or even mysterious at first glance. For example, do you know why frogs blink while eating, why white polar bears have black skin, and why octopi need to walk on land?

23. When flirting, female wombats bite the male’s bottom.

22. Platypus’ females don’t have nipples but they have milk that is secreted by special glands in the abdominal area. That’s why the cubs suck their mother’s fur.

20. Wild baby boars are born striped so that they can hide in the grass. Adult boars eventually lose this camouflage.

19. A Barn Owl’s left ear is located at the level of its forehead, while its right ear is located at the level of its nostrils. Thanks to this, the bird can hear sounds at different angles.

18. Meerkats have very thin skin. That’s why they have to warm themselves up in the sun after sleeping in order to increase their body temperature and so they don’t die.

17. Forest albino tortoises don’t become completely white, their color just fades away.

13. Sometimes octopi walk on land to reach crabs who hide in puddles.

10. Possums faint, play dead, and start smelling like rotten meat when going through severe stress. They are also not able to get back to their normal condition with their own will power unless their brain decides that the danger has gone.

9. Giant Trevallies watch birds to calculate the trajectory of their flight so they can jump out of the water and eat them on the go.

8. Dwarf mongooses make friends with hornbills: the first ones share their prey, while the birds warn them about predators, watching everything from a height.

7. Burrowing owls steal animals’ poop to decorate their nests. That helps them to attract the insects that their chicks are going to eat.

5. In order to attract red-eared slider female turtles, males gently massage their face.

4. Frogs push food through to their throat with their eyes. That’s why they have to blink often while eating.

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