24 Extraordinary Teachers Who Go That Extra Mile

24 Extraordinary Teachers Who Go That Extra Mile –


1. Art teacher allows students to draw on her dress.

2. He has a unique handshake for every student.

3. Students who finish their tasks can go play video games in this room.

4. This teacher taught this class while caring for abandoned kittens.

5. Teacher incorporates art into his literature.

6. He turned his truck into a library.

7. Geography teacher drew this map.

8. This teacher uses a cl4tr4p to help him.

9. Chemistry teacher has a sense of humor.

10. Comments left on back of test doodles.

11. Teacher gave this microscope to student who couldn’t afford one.

12. Extra credit was given for drawing on back of test.

13. She duct tapes her mouth shut so she doesn’t interrupt the presenter.

14. Art teacher painted her door.

15. This teacher dresses up as a banana every Friday.

16. Incredible drawing skills.

17. She uses a knife as a pointer.

18. Phone nailed to the wall 20 years ago.

19. Chemistry teacher made this cool ceiling.

20. Expert chalkboard art.

21. He cleaned garbage from around the school.

22. Art teacher uses this clever example.

23. Teacher hangs flags for each country her students are from.




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