24 Photos That Can Melt Even A Frozen Heart

24 Photos That Can Melt Even A Frozen Heart –

1. This orangutan using a giant leaf to hide from the rain.

2. True love lives forever.

3. “My 94-year-old grandpa meeting my 2-month-old son.”

4. Together forever: a sculpture in a cemetery, Florence.

5. Mother Corgi watches her babies sleep.

6. “Young man moved to tears at the sight of his mother walking down the aisle to marry his father.”

7. Baby hedgehogs and their mom.

8. “I’m gonna fly!”

9. “Same shirt. Same bike. Same kid. Same loving dad.”

10. “Today a little 3-year-old girl tried to pay for her family’s dinner with a Barbie credit card. I took the card and made her a little check to make it seem like she did, and she tipped me $3.”

11. Dad Corgi raised 2 ducklings.

12. One very comfy throne for a kitten.

13. “My little guy fought off 3 coyotes.”

14. “Ringing the bell on cancer, my four-year-old daughter finished chemotherapy after two and a half years today!”

15. “Got this little guy yesterday.”

16. “My grandma died when I was 4, but before she passed, she wrote me a graduation letter and left a gift. I just got to open it after 14 years.”

17. “My-mother-in-law made my son a pair of coveralls from one of his grandpa’s old ones.”

18. Cats are kids’ best friends.

19. This man rescued frozen storks: he took them home so that they could wait until it got warmer.

20. The face cats make when they want something

21. “My grandma turned 101 today!”

22. “He eats. He sleeps. But most importantly he holds his own feet.”

23. “My friend defeated cancer.”

24. “My dog is 15 years old! After her haircuts everyone always thinks she’s a puppy.”

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