I don’t know about you, but I never get tired of hearing good news. Sure, good news and feel-good stories don’t make the best headlines in newspapers, but so what? I still want more of them.

And they’re out there! People are doing good deeds every day, seeing good deeds every day, and posting about them every day. You’d never know it though, would you?

So here you go, some of the happiest news you’ll see today.

1. At The Fuller Cut barbershop in Ypsilanti, Michigan, kids who read a book while they’re in the chair get $2 off their cut.

Facebook | The Fuller Cut
Always nice when the community supports literacy outside the classroom, too. Love it!

2. When this woman’s daughter made a drawing she was proud of, she decided to make the drawing come to life with needle and thread.

Reddit | Thexthy
Even though she doesn’t have much experience sewing and it didn’t turn out quite as she hoped, it’s still a big success. “She loves it and that’s all that counts!” she says.

3. This guy found a baby bird trapped in a bucket that was too narrow for it to spread its wings in and too heavy for it to knock down.

Reddit | HistoricalMeat
And, in the heat, the bird was suffering, so he helped it out of the bucket and gave it some water with an eyedropper.

4. This baby squirrel was found lying completely still in the spray of a sprinkler.

Reddit | AmericanDoggoThief
The sprinkler’s owner got the little guy breathing again, dried him off, fed him, and when the mother didn’t claim him, made him a temporary home with a box and some pillow stuffing.

5. This weary bee needed a pick-me-up, so a kind person used what they had on hand to get it some sustenance: a mint and some water.

Reddit | 54ncho
Some sweet relief from a sweet human!

6. These free feminine hygiene products are provided by a hairdresser who knows that sometimes her clients might need one.

Reddit | knubbiggubbe
“Suddenly it happens — go ahead!” reads her jar. How thoughtful of her!

7. When the folks at this house noticed that birds were getting stuck in their carport, they used a string of Christmas lights to help the birds find their way to freedom.

Reddit | Prezin2028
And it worked!

8. This FedEx guy probably wasn’t planning on making this sort of delivery that day.

Reddit | mommyAIC
But, when nature called, he answered, helping this handsome turtle get back to the water.

9. Some kind soul had hot doggy companions in their thoughts when they left a container of water on this Arizona hiking trail with a bowl to dip in it.

Reddit | dpsmith
Just in case their owners didn’t plan for their thirst.

10. This person noticed that they were regularly having to remove a spider from their tub, so they set up a lifeline to help the spider get out when it needed to.

Reddit | laserbeak420
And after that, they never had to rescue a spider again.

11. This guy went into a nearby store just to buy some food for this homeless woman’s pet.

Reddit | RedTheRedditor13
And just the look on her face says how much it means to her.

12. These paramedics and EMTs went the extra mile for a woman involved in a car collision in a city she was visiting.

Reddit | maineff
With her car wrecked, they dropped her and her belongings off at a hotel.

13. This might not be the greatest love story of all time, but it’s surely up there.

Reddit | MunchkinTroglodyte
Dog falls in love with the cat next door, who loves to sit in the front window. Cat next door disappears one day, with potted plants now in the front window. Dog’s owner posts note on cat owner’s door confessing the dog’s love for the cat. The next day, the plants are gone, the cat is back in the front window, with a note saying “For True Love.” Aww.

14. When this girl saw a jackdaw being attacked by a group of magpies, she stepped in to rescue it.

Reddit | mistertheface
And the appreciative jackdaw stuck around to show the girl some love.

15. After their cat went missing for nine days, this owner put up signs to notify people that she was back.

Reddit | earlobecheese
Taking down the “lost” signs would have been one thing, but this gives strangers who care and have been keeping an eye out some closure. And it’s happy closure!

16. Delivery guys take a lot of flack online when they mess up, so it’s only fair to give them credit when they rock.

Reddit | alltheother1srtkn
Like this one, who stashed a delivery underneath the home owner’s trash bin on a rainy day so it wouldn’t get soaked.

17. This person drives a suspect car and knows it, but doesn’t want anybody to freak out over it.

Reddit | backrowtheater
So they’re doing other drivers a solid, pointing out that it’s not an unmarked police car and they’re not going to be pulled over for doing a couple of mph over the limit.

18. When a woman’s wheelchair broke down in the middle of the road, she couldn’t get any help until Bilal Quintyne came along.

Facebook | Gifted King
Out for a jog, he offered to push her home, 30 minutes away, through 90 degree heat.

19. At this hotel in Turkey, paying guests aren’t the only ones being taken care of.

Reddit | bigfurryllama
Stray cats in the area can count on staff members to protect and feed them when they’re in need.

20. Stray cats that don’t live near kind hotels have to rely on strangers, but this one found a good person.

Reddit | Somebodycares311
“Was approached by a hungry stray,” wrote Reddit user Somebodycares311. “Gave him my smoked and peppered mackerel lunch. He needed it more than I did.” Sharing is caring!

21. A thankful soldier couldn’t help getting emotional after receiving a care package from a 10-year-old girl.

Reddit | Justbackwards
“I’m not even deployed anywhere dangerous, yet it still hits me hard,” Reddit user Justbackwards wrote.

22. This beach was briefly taken over by a special procession, as more than 90 Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle hatchlings were released into the Gulf of Mexico.

Reddit | frobo512
Kemp’s Ridley are an endangered species of sea turtles, and this was just the first of more than 20 releases expected over the summer.

23. Speaking of turtles, Sylvester Stallone still has the turtles from the original Rocky movie.

Instagram | @officialslystallone
He says that Cuff and Link are about 44 years old now! Nice to know these animals have always been taken care of.

24. One hotel greets its guests with uplifting messages written on the bananas served at the breakfast buffet.

Reddit | CastleOnACloud
That and a hot cup of coffee sounds like just about the perfect way to start a day!