25 Heart Warming Images To Remind You That Life Is Beautiful

1. My step-dad sat in this spot right before beginning chemo. My mom sat in the same spot on our first Father’s Day without him.

2. This is my Uber driver, Beni. He took me to the hospital and kept me company since my family lives out of state.

3. My step-dad is officially my legal father, after raising me with my mom since I was 9 years old. Never too old to be adopted!

4. Last night I was taking sunset pictures on the beach when a guy walked up and asked me if I’d take a picture of him and his girlfriend. Then he whispered “take a video.” Next thing I know I’m videoing a proposal. I took this candid shot on my own phone afterwards.

5. Leaving the school I’ve taught at for 6 years. My husband captured this special moment.

6. After 2.5 years of dialysis, this was my BFF’s last round. On Monday I gave her a kidney and we are both doing great.

7. My grandfather lost my grandmother in February. He decided to get out more. Here he is in Milan living his best life.

8. My wife & daughter, sleeping with their feet on me, on our couch, in our home. 421 days ago I was in active addiction and homeless.

9. For the first time in 5 years, I am not living out of a bag. I am happy.

10. 22 years ago my friends and I walked home from middle school together for the last time and placed these locks on this fence. Still there today.

11. My grandpa’s favorite flower is a Dahlia. He passed away and I made this paper Dahlia in his memory.

12. My wife passed after a 2 year battle with breast cancer. The grass is modeled after an audio of her saying, ’I Love You’.

13. In 1995, my great-aunt gave me a stuffed cat. It was my absolute favorite, and slept with me every night through my childhood. When she passed, we found out she had bought an identical cat and kept it in pristine condition for two decades. The years of love certainly left their mark.

14. This little heart on my hand is called a “cuddle button”. Since my wife died last year, my 4y/o daughter has hated being away from me. Her teacher draws this on both our hands when I drop her off at school and every time we press it, it sends a hug to the other. It helps her feel connected to me.

15. I drove 1,200 miles to see my son for Thanksgiving and made this. It’s sparse, but I feel more like a dad than I have in years.

16. My father died and before he got cremated, I took a photo of one of his tattoos. I got my own version of it in his memory.

17. After a false miscarriage and a rough pregnancy, I met my daughter today.

18. I gave her 10 cents on her birthday when I was 2, she taped it to a card and kept it her whole life.

19. The CEO of my company, doing the dishes after buying everyone lunch. This is why I love my job.

20. When I was 5, I gave my dad a ‘ring’ made of a keychain ring. 22 years later, he’s still wearing it.

21. This past weekend I visited 5 friends I never met before despite knowing them for 5+ years, including Joe who is terminally ill with Ewings Sarcoma. We all met through online gaming, nobody had met each other in person until a day before this

22. My 8-year-old caught me crying over my missing engagement ring and made me this.

23. This is what true love looks like.

24. Came home from work to see that my neighbors (yet again) left their sweet cat outside in way below freezing temps. I guess he’s mine tonight.

25. After spending the first 257 days of her life in the hospital, my niece gets to go home today!

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