25 Things That Deserve Your Attention

25 Things That Deserve Your Attention –

1. This dude tap handle.


3. A 7-leaf clover.

4. These jet black playing cards.

5. Knocked over a flower pot and the spill formed a near perfect circle

6. The swirl on this cat.

7. This tree has three different coloured leaves.

8. This curly fry is an ampersand.

9. This cat has…thumbs?

10. Seaside restaurant comes with squirt guns to ward off annoying seagulls.

11. These water droplets.

12. This dogs tongue is adorably long.

13. A drawer full of taco bell sauces.

14. This map shows what the world would look like if the oceans drained through a hole in the Marianas Trench.

15. This grass covered truck.

16. This plant looks like a bunch of Shrek ears.

17. Oh, Texas…

18. A strawberry with feet.

19. That’s one long dandelion.


21. This paper “save the turtles” straw.

22. This Go Pro was found in the ocean after two months- and it still works.

23. This F1 car is coloured based on the amount of down force produced.

24. This onion ring is in the shape of a “Q”.

25. Hand sanitizer on a door handle.

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