26 Animals With Instagram Accounts You Need In Your Life Right Now


If you’re not using your account to follow the cutest animals on Instagram, what are you even doing on Instagram? They may not be the world’s most beautiful animals, but animal Instagram stars have something those other species will never have: clout. Despite all the human “models” you see on Instagram, the animal models actually make the platform worthwhile with their clever captions, adorable costumes, and their own animal friends. No one wants to watch you pump iron and inhale an acai bowl when freaking therapy llamas are out here looking like a Dr. Seuss tree. When it comes to Instagram animals, something exists for everyone and every species.

Perhaps you’re a diehard dog lover looking for the best pet Instagram accounts to keep your feed full of adorably wiggly tails and pooch smiles. Look no further than Doug the Pug or Menswear Dog who offsets his cuteness with the latest looks for men. If kitty kind is more your cup of tea, Nala the cat shows off a feline flair that every human model wishes they possessed. The pint-sized Instagram stars of the world do not end with members of the canine or kitty kingdoms however, as some adorable pigs, hedgehogs, and even a wallaby show they can take artistic direction. But seriously, anyone who’s ever owned a pet knows how well they smize.



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Summer essentials 🍉

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"‪I don't see the resemblance‬" -Doug

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Life isn't perfect, but your hair can be.

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Mom says this picture really reflects my personality. Part mischief, part smile, but all joy! Two of my friends @yuzuna_nyanko and @beringinoportofino asked me to share #10thingsaboutme … so here we go! (1) If you ask, "Gordon, are you hungry?" I will usually bark (2) I tap mom on the leg when I want her to pick me up and hold me…which is all the time! (3) I spin in circles when I hear the freezer door open (where my food is kept), and sometimes I spin so fast I fall over backwards (4) I eat a frozen raw diet…and Mom doesn't defrost the meatsicles so I'll eat slower. It doesn't work though! I still eat really fast. (5) I hide in my mom's closet when the dishwasher is running (6) I love the hair dryer !! (7) I can't potty on my own, so I have to be "expressed"…but I can go several weeks without having an accident. I'm a regular guy. 😂 (8) Not only are my ears floppy, but they are RIDICULOUS soft 🐰 (9) I won't sniff new people until after they pet me, and usually they have to call me by my name before I will look at them. (10) I'm ALWAYS at the door to greet Mom when she gets home. Now….tell me 10 things about YOU! . . . #thisisme #therealgordon #willtherealgordonpleasestandup #mischief #sideye #shibasideeye #shiba #shibainu #shibasmile #happydog #alwayshappy #alwayssmiling #justbeingme #gordon #teamgordon

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Running in to the weekend like 😀

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may the fourth be with you 🇺🇸

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BUB's ready! #lilbub #catcon #catcon2017

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Went swimmin in my indoor pool

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La la la la bamba….

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