26 Money Saving Tips to Organize Your Home

26 Money Saving Tips to Organize Your Home –

1. A holder made of self-adhesive hooks

2. A vertical shoe shelf

3. Plastic shelves adjusted on magnets

4. A door with shelves for spices

5. A second life for egg cartoon boxes

6. A convenient roll towel holder

7. A way to sort laundry baskets

8. A glass jar as an organizer for makeup

9. An original kitchen organizer

10. A convenient way to store vegetables (and not only them)

11. A rope as a towel holder

12. Hanging baskets for fruits

13. An organizer for ribbons

14. Yogurt jars where anything can be stored

15. A dryer and a tray will help sort lids

16. A hanger for boots

17. An extra shelf

18. An unusual solution for storing knives

19. An original way to leave notes

20. A convenient mug holder

21. A net for toys

22. A convenient ironing board on the washing machine

23. An organizer for toys made of flower holders

24. A hanger for hats made of clothespins

25. A corner plate organizer

26. A spice rack that can be easily pulled down when needed

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