Goats are one of the oldest domesticated animals ever. They were first herded by humans over 9,000 years ago.

Per capita worldwide, goat meat is the most consumed.

Like dogs, goats can learn their own names and will respond to being called.

A goat pregnancy is about 5 months.

Baby goats start standing and walking within minutes of being born.

A mother will recognize her kids through their unique scents and calls, not by sight.

Goats are extremely picky eaters. They will often refuse to eat hay that they know has been walked on or is dirty.

If kept apart from other goats, a goat will actually become depressed. They need to be around others to thrive.

Goats are naturally incredible climbers.

A goat has rectangle pupils. This allows them to have incredible vision compared to humans.

They are also thought to have the ability to see at night.

Contrary to popular belief, goats are not grazers, but foragers. They will often roam for long periods of time in order to find quality food rather than eating whatever is in sight.

Technically speaking, goats have 4 stomachs.

Goats can burp.

Goats were among the first ever animals to be brought to America from Europe.

For goats, giving birth is called “kidding.”

Goats don’t have teeth in their upper jaw. They have what is known as a “dental pad” instead.

Worldwide, the most popular milk in the world is actually goat milk.

Compared to cow milk, goat milk has higher Vitamin A and calcium. It is also easier for people to digest.

Fainting goats don’t actually faint, their muscles just stiffen up for several seconds.

Abraham Lincoln had two pet goats during his time as president: Nanny and Nanko.

Cashmere, the insanely soft and incredibly expensive material, comes from goats.

It is highly possible that goats are what discovered coffee. The story goes that a goat herder had discovered that his goats acted particularly “jumpy” after eating the fruit off of a coffee shrub. So, he brewed himself some “coffee” with the red berries, and coffee was born. Supposedly.

Goats have accents. The noises they make are known as “bleats” and a goat from one country will have a noticeably different bleat than a goat from another country.

Goats are herbivores.

They also are cute as hell and seem to be some of the most nutty goofballs in the animal kingdom.

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