30 Heart Warming Photos To Remind You That Life Is Beautiful

1. “Plane passenger gives first-class seat to 88-year-old woman, makes her ‘dream’ come true.”


3. “Been in the hospital for 3 weeks and getting sick of the food. Nurse noticed I ordered in some Japanese yesterday for lunch and I mentioned how I love miso soup and wish the hospital offered it. Woke up this morning to find this on my bedside table.”

4. “In Santa Fe for NYE. Police handing out food to the homeless.”



7. “I missed my connecting flight and was crying by myself when these two complete strangers came up to me and helped me cheer up! We chatted while waiting for our plane, and played cards! Thank you so much Matt and Levi! Truly great guys! Happy Holidays!”


9. “This beach in Puerto Rico has free sunscreen.”


11. The good guy that he is, Ryan went out of his way to personally caption his Aviation Gin video for a hearing-impaired fan.


13. “My brand new MacBook Pro was wrongly delivered to a house half a mile away… lovely, honest lady at that house walked to my house to deliver it!”


15. “Recently had to take some time off work for anxiety / stress leave, am back now, but today my 72yr old neighbour dropped this off while I was at work. He had a nervous break down 15 yrs ago. No shame.”


17. “This dude’s Lotus was stuck in the rain. Friendly BMW guy lends his trunk liner for the duration of the storm.”


19. “She crocheted all these hats for a local shelter! It’s absolutely incredible! Happy Holidays Everyone :)”




23. “Mail carrier learns my 4 year old LOVES the mail truck and anything related. Mailman Phil delivers.”

24. “Sometimes you wonder as a coach if you’re doing an ok job. Then you get handed this by one of your players.”



27. “I got laid off last week. Been searching for a job with no luck. Just found this outside my door. Best neighbour ever.”



30. “Today I got a email saying my package was delivered. So I was pretty upset when I didn’t see anything on my porch but then I saw this on my door. UPS is the real MVP this Christmas.”

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