31 Creative DIY Ways to Repurpose Old Things In Your Home For A Vintage Look

31 Creative DIY Ways to Repurpose Old Things In Your Home For A Vintage Look –


According to recent statics, each one of us produces 1.5 pounds of waste every day. And since our planet is going through a huge crisis, everyone is starting to be more involved in trying to save it. They collect trash from various places and create new things with stuff they no longer can find a use for. Upcycling is the latest trend and it’s taking us all by surprise.

2. You can put your old guitars up on the wall for display and turn them into shelves.

3. This is a great way to upcycle your old vinyl records in your kitchen.


5. This brilliant way to repurpose corkscrews by turning them into a cool pinboard


6. If you have some old lightbulbs, you can attach some bottle caps to them and turn them into cute salt and pepper shakers.

9. Turn your old socks into beverage warmers on-the-go.

10. Turn an old coffee table upside down, add some pillows to the empty space, and you’ve got yourself a comfy little bed for your pets!

12. If you have a chipped coffee mug, you can place some bamboo canes inside of it and put it in your garden to help your little bee friends.

13. Help eliminate landfills by turning your old binder rings into key hangers.

16. Since doors have so much wood on them, why not turn them into furniture for your home, like a desk?

20. You can turn old toys into a cool picture frame.

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21. You can even use your vinyl records as retro table mats!

23. You can transform a guitar case into a jewelry closet.

24. A rolling pin hook rack for your kitchen can transform the whole room.

26. An awesome way to transform your kitchen lamps using colanders

28. You can turn a ladder into a cool shelving unit for your books, plants, and any other decor in your house.

29. If you’re able to cut a few glass bottles in half, you can use them as plates for your snacks.

30. For those broken chairs you were thinking of throwing away, why not upcycle them into a plant pot for your garden?

31. Those IKEA bags that we all have stashed away at home can be transformed into pretty much anything!

BONUS: Sculptor Ichwan Noor took a 1953 VW Beetle, repurposed it, and turned it into a sphere for his art project.


Which of these ideas did you like the most? Have you ever considered upcycling? We would love to hear your opinion in the comments.


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