32 Amazing Photos You’ll Have A Hard Time Believing Are Real

32 Amazing Photos You’ll Have A Hard Time Believing Are Real –


1. A sunbeam snake

2. This ball of cuteness they call the lumpsucker fish

3. An underwater Buddha on a small island near Bali

4. A sand sculpture in Taiwan

5. A lake with a hole in it in Portugal

6. A yellow road in Germany

7. A view inside a partially frozen waterfall

8. A coyote statue at the Burning Man Festival, 2013

9. A naturally formed ice shelf shaped by water

10. The guineafowl pufferfish or a “cheese” fish

11. Flowers growing through lava

12. A flying dolphin

13. A squid with human-like teeth

14. Mother and daughter vultures together on a tree

15. The death road in Bolivia

16. A glass bubble for viewing fish

17. Dinosaur footprints in Bolivia






18. A solar-powered stadium in Taiwan

19. The way these trees line up with the edge of the park

20. Trees cocooned in spiders webs after flooding in Sindh, Pakistan

21. A shark inside a shark

22. The Milky Way coming out of an erupting volcano, Guatemala

23. 25 years ago, someone decided to put a nail into this poor tree

24. This is what some houses look like in New Zealand

25. “Took this shot through the windshield of my car (at a stop sign) but I had to get this picture!”

26. A wave underwater

27. “The reflection of the car mirror makes it look like my friend is missing a brick.”

28. The broken mirror creates a 3D reflection and a shadow.

29. “This silhouette of me and my hat also looks like a space invader.”

30. “I went to take a photo of my new apartment with the flash on, but all it did was make my purse glow.”

31. An abandoned apartment building being claimed by the sea in the former fishing village of Kirovsky, Russia

32. Amazing lava flow.


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