32 Images Of Animals Before And After Adoption Prove That Love Cures All

32 Images Of Animals Before And After Adoption Prove That Love Cures All –


“When we met her in the shelter my daughter immediately started whispering in her ear ‘you’re okay, we’ll take you home and keep you safe, we love you already’”


“From death row in a west Texas shelter to healthy and happy in his new home!”


“’We’re just going to foster him’ – my mother, in May of 2015″


“No one wanted to adopt him because of his cropped ears and “scary” looking face. Now Bronco is healthy, always smiling, and loved by everyone he meets.”


“All he needed was food and kisses!”


“My next-door neighbors abandoned their dog and got a new puppy. She was in the shelter for a full month before I realized what happened. This is Missy in the shelter, and when she realized she’s never going back.”


“My Midnight’s transformation”


“Barkley, rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico and loved back to health”


“I found this baby in the wheel of my forklift at work. Now she lives at home with me. Meet Emmy”


“Before and after 6 months of love. His cold body just needed a warm home”


“From eating paper in the middle of an intersection to the most handsome dog i’ve ever met: meet Pierce”


“Fed junk food and never given any exercise her whole life, Shiloh couldn’t walk more than 10 meters before having to stop and rest. 3 months later, she’s lost 30 pounds and can walk over 1 km without stopping!”


“This is Moss. She ran in front of my car on the highway one month ago. Lots of love, care and play later, she has stolen our hearts.”


“Rescued a skeleton and ended up with this sweet girl who is always smiling.”


“After about a year and a half after showing up on our porch, Snowball has improved immeasurably.”


“Worked my ass off to bring Spooky back from the edge. He passed away unexpectedly weeks later but his short presence was a gift.”


“Some wonderful soul found this little guy on the street cuddled up in a plastic container. 3 years later, he is the happiest, sweetest, most playful, curious cat!”


“Metalle was found abandoned in a park 3 years ago. Left: her first day with me, a bit terrified. Right: happy pupper! We take long walks around the town every day. She’s the most affectionate dog I’ve ever met/had.”


“Phoenix was rescued from the streets and was covered in hot tar. Little over a month later, he looks amazing”


“Kira was found almost dead of starvation in a farm with cows. She was healthy in one week and we kept her”


“Got him from someone who was neglecting him. He didn’t even have the energy to stand (top left) now Felix is a very happy boy and loves to run around”


“Doggo has a big smile.”


“A month ago, she could barely see out of her crusted, watery eyes. Now, she’s happy and healthy!”


“My mom’s new dog Faith. She was used for breeding fighting dogs for 5 years in Compton and then left on the streets to starve.”


“Do plants count? 5 days after I found it in the trash this beauty is thriving!”


“It’s amazing how much of a difference a little love can make”


“These two cat brothers were rescued from the street and they are as inseparable today as they were the day I found them”


“This is Fergus. These pictures were taken 3.5 months apart. The top is the day I got him, the bottom is now.”


“When we found him on the street, he was Gandalf the Gray….After multiple surgeries, he is now…Gandalf the White!!”


“The pound told us she had allergies but after some antibiotics and eyedrops we have the prettiest and sweetest cat”


“Jamie. A Sicilian stray found crying, unable to walk with a cracked skull. Now living the island life in Malta.”


“My sweet lady spent 380 days in a shelter before I adopted her!”VIA

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