32 Interesting Gifs To Put Some WOW And Wonder In Your Day

“Cats’ eyes dilate when they hiccup”1
“Honeybees’ defensive waves against wasps”2

“A better way to enjoy Van Gogh’s painting “The Starry Night” 1.- Look at the spiral for 20 seconds without looking away . 2.- Look at the painting fixedly”

“The owner of a private farm in South Africa being greeted by the pride of lions he raised in his own home”4
“Astronaut Scott Kelly bouncing a ball of water between two hydrophobic paddles on the International Space Station”5

“Camera’s frame rate matches helicopter’s rotor”

“He’s so smooth with the rings”7
“The Pedestrian Catcher, an invention of the 1930s meant to reduce jaywalking deaths”8

“You can either work hard or work sma… on your balance and aptitude. The way he offloads these pipes makes any other way look stupid and inefficient.”


“Guy captures meteor on his body worn camera, then exploding over a beach in Australia”


“The Dragon Bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam breathing fire”


“This is what an eagles ear looks like”


“Glowing firefly up close”


“A new way of cooking eggs.”


“Ways to protect a coastline”


“One of the techniques to inflate a tyre”



“A very innovative measuring device”17

“Wooden dress by designer Elodie Le-Punennec.”

“Being talented or gifted is the ability to take something complicated and make it look simple, like this juggler for example.”19“The clarity of this puddle”20

“Stone Washing” new jeans”


“A simple basket made in India”

22“Two Tsaatan women of Mongolia riding their Reindeer”23“An underwater icicle, The Brinicle (or ‘finger of death’) freezes everything in its path.”24“A ladybug opening its wings”25
“A herd of deer relaxing by cherry blossom trees in Nara, Japan.”26
“A solar eclipse happening mid-flight.”27

“This unique tornado was stationary for nearly 45 minutes (basically the dream scenario for a storm chaser).”28
“Insane mist in Illinois”29
“A slow-motion look at a shock wave.”30
“A drone flying through fireworks.”31
“This is how poppy seeds come out of their shells.”32

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