33 Things That Will Instantly Make You Forget You Had a Bad Day

1. This pug who looks adorable in his pug slippers.


2. A cat wearing a sweater.


3. A baby penguin meeting a baby dolphin.


4. A hedgehog taking a bath.


5. The fact that these baby bats swaddled like burritos are the sweetest burritos you’ll ever see!


6. A walrus who’s just too embarrassed.


7. This cotton candy machine after a day’s use.


8. These cats so desperately in love…


9. This bundle of pencils at a library.


10. This airplane mysteriously disappearing into the fog.


11. This 3 legged kitten who’s just the cutest chef in the whole wide world!


12. A dog hanging out at a bar.


13. This fat cat.


14. Or a cat eating pizza!!


15. This ice cave blushing to the charm of a burning flare.


16. This sloth in a spacesuit.


17.  This spider going for the kill.


18. A firefighter giving oxygen to a kitten.


19. This baby owl.


20. A tiny pygmy hippo nibbling on some lettuce.


21. An otter showing you its baby.


22. This cat with a permanent top hat.


23. A turtle the size of a grape.


24. Boo the dog falling asleep in a pile of Boos!


25. This teacup pig.


26. A turtle taking a ride on the back of a jellyfish.


27. These horses doing the fist bump!

 Vedran Vidak / Bournemouth / REX USA

28. Vladimir Putin swimming with dolphins.


29. A baby giraffe.


30. This smirky baby sloth.


31. This absolutely awesome ‘bee-ver’!


32. These kittens doing that scene from The Lion King!

33. And finally…the best for last….The cutest puppy smile that will make you melt almost instantly.


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