34 Animals Making the Most of Their Cones of Shame

As any pet will tell you, although life as a furball can be great, it’s not at all without the same ups and downs that we humans face. In fact, as many animals are loath to admit, their medical ordeals are often made even more horrifying a device that can send chills down the spine of even the most brazen of creatures: the cone of shame. The next time you find your own little buddy facing this humiliating ordeal however, we’ve got just the thing to help you turn their frown upside down. Here we’ve assembled an adorable collection of cute pets in cones that are more than happy to demonstrate how your little one can make the best of his or her ordeal.

You see, these pets wearing cones have no shame in their games, due to the fact that they’ve successfully pimped their cones in a variety of ways in order to make the best of their situation. In the following adorable cone of shame pictures you’ll meet dogs who turned their cone ordeal into a chance turn life into a constant game of dress up and yes – even some cats who have found ways to turn their cones into fashion statements.

So the next time your favorite four-legged pal is feeling down in the dumps over their cone diagnosis, show them these other cute pets in the cone of shame. Whether they’re looking for ways to turn their new headpiece into a fashion accessory or a convenient toy box, we’ve got them covered with some of the coolest cone ideas around.


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