35 Stunning Sea Slugs Images That Will Mesmerize You

35 Stunning Sea Slugs Images That Will Mesmerize You –

Wow! Who else has the urge to go diving and see these exquisite sea critters in person? Did you know that there are more than 3000 known species of sea slugs (Nudibranch)? And each one is so colorful and unique, it was hard to limit it to just 35 images!

Ardeadoris Egretta

Blue Sea Slug

Bonisa Nakaza

Chromodoris Leopardus

Dendronotus Iris

Dirona Albolinieata

Dragon Tail Nudibranch

Frosted Nudibranch

Janolus Sp

Jorunna Funebris

Lettuce Sea Slug

Nembrotha Cristata

Nembrotha Kubaryana

Notodoris Minor

Black And Gold Sapsucking Slug



Hermissenda Crassicornis

Peacock Nudibranch

Phyllidia Pustulosa

Phyllidia Sp

Phyllidiopsis Fissuratus

Redmargin Nudibranch

Spanish Dancer

Tritoniopsis Elegans

Unidentified Nudibranch

Pustulose Wart

Nudibranche à beignes

Phyllodesmium Poindimiei

Sakuraeolis Enosimensis


UnIdentified Nudibranch

Cyerce Elegans

UnIdentified Nudibranch

UnIdentified Nudibranch

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