36 Heart Warming Images To Remind You Life Is Beautiful

 “An elderly man sitting outside his car door feeding his beloved wife ice cream.”

“Injury at birth left rea with only the right ear. As she grew, it migrated to the top of her head, making her a unicorn!”

“I’ve posted some of the toy cars I’ve made for my grandson. Someone contacted me and said their 2 yo is crazy about buses. So I made them some. Just have to put on wheels and send them out. Feels good to make a 2 yo happy with all the other stuff going on in our world right now.”

“I’ve been working so hard to get my older dog to love the new pup. After several weeks of trying, I caught this precious moment. Made me smile is an understatement.”

“Been playing guitar for 14 years, and had to sell my whole collection due to my girlfriend and i running on hard times. The music is finally back in my life 🙂 “

 “My parents had divorced but just got remarried to each other.”

 “After wishing all my life I was Spiderman, I finally bought the costume and I don’t ever want to take it off.”

“I am celebrating 15 years sober today. Happy, joyous, and free.”

“After two years of failing to make a real baby, last month we got these two fur babies. Tonight I found out I’m pregnant!”

 “It has been 438 days, and 60 lbs later, since I took the picture on the left. It has took me 560 days to (finally) get over my ex. I can now honestly admit that I am indeed happy .”


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