37 Incredible Modular Origami Works By Ekaterina Lukasheva

37 Incredible Modular Origami Works By Ekaterina Lukasheva –


Ekaterina ‘Kate’ Lukasheva is an incredible Origami artist and designer from Moscow, Russia. The artist has had a fascination with puzzles and construction sets since childhood and first discovered origami in her teens. With its intricate folds and geometric patterns, there’s a lot of math in origami and Ekaterina would later graduate with honors from Moscow State Lomonosov University as a mathematician and programmer.

As Origami has come to describe a broad field with a number of niche disciplines, Lukasheva’s artwork focuses primarily around modular origami and Kusudama. She has even authored a number of books of her own original designs for others to try.

Below you will find a collection of some of her incredible works but you can find hundreds more at the links below


Ekaterina Lukasheva
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