38 Amazing Pictures To Make Your Jaw Drop

38 Amazing Pictures To Make Your Jaw Drop –


1. One’s arm after sanding wood for an hour

2. Waterfall splashes created a rainbow.

3. Stones that look like dragon skin

4. A river filled with cherry blossom petals

5. “I bought a banana tree.”

6. A thunderstorm’s coming.

7. A sunflower with red petals

8. 2D lizard

9. Airplanes turned this cloud into a square

10. This spider’s incredible color markings

11. “The innards of a hard-boiled egg after it was neglected in the fridge for a year. It has the consistency of a marble.”

12. Ice caves in Iceland

13. Bird’s eye view on trains

14. “The filings on my work bench magnetized to my knife.”

15. “Long exposure of some incense.”

16. A place where 2 different currents meet

17. The pattern on a chicken’s back

18. Dancing paint

19. The sun seen through a UV-lens

20. Elephant foot

21. Kiwi egg size in relation to its body

22. Forest fire seen from an orbiting space station

23. Platypus skull

24. “This feather is so small that I lost it right after taking the picture.”

25. X-ray of a bird

26. A hole in the middle of a lake in Portugal

27. The scaly foot gastropod is the only known animal to incorporate iron into its skeleton (as well as its scales),making it literally the most metal creature on Earth

28. “So… I’d stay out of the Florida Everglades.”

29. Wife: I want that tree closer to the house.

30. This neck on the extremely rare and endangered Madagascar Giraffe Weevil

31. Birds illuminated by fire with a backdrop of smoke

32. The Darth Vader flower

33. 65-foot-tall “Lava Bubble” in Hawaii, 50 years ago

34. Octopus with unusual colors

35. Potatoes being grown in air

36. Fish caught in Argentina

37. The exact moment lightning strikes water

38. Giant Asian Hornets


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