38 Cute, Feel Good, Wholesome Things For A Cute, Feel Good, Wholesome Day

caught her first fish today

My grandpa was very excited to show me that he grew a tomato plant in an eggshell.

This dress I made myself just in time for Star Wars Day!

Mom came home after 8 weeks in India. Here’s Dad, the least romantic man in the world, waiting.

My daughter has been asking for 5 years for her dream dog. This week we adopted her new best friend. So far they’re inseparable.

I finally completed my life long dream and made a ’Big Art Attack.

8 years ago, I moved to Finland with just a suitcase and couldn’t speak Finnish. Today I got my Finnish passport!

My dad drives a special needs school bus. And this year, he invited all the kids to his house to see Santa Claus.

After spending the first 257 days of her life in the hospital, my niece gets to go home today!

My father reading to my daughter — my heart just melted.

Took my nana for a walk in the forest to see the bluebells and she was so happy.

Our first father and son outfit!

Kids asked for a cardboard boat, so I made them a cardboard boat

My daughter turned 19 the other day. We had to use the candles we had on hand.

I finished a tiny 375-sq-ft house that my dad had started before he passed away in January.

My son playing ball

I never thought I’d find my perfect match on Tinder! But here we are, 2 years later, with an engagement ring and an engagement watch!

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