72 Cute, Feel Good, Wholesome Things For A Cute, Feel Good, Wholesome Day





“My 100-year-old granny gives “pearls of wisdom” to strangers.”

“My grandma will be 100 years old next month. She is still pretty mentally and physically together and lives alone. Still, she has 7 kids, 16 grandkids, and 24 great-grandkids. Anyway, this is a pic of her from this afternoon, dispensing ‘pearls of wisdom’ for $1. Her idea. She likes people.”

“My best friend got engaged today and I had the honor of capturing this beautiful moment. She said yes!”

“My dog gets really anxious in the car, so my grandma asked to sit in the back with him. The whole car ride, all I heard was, “It’s okay, we’re almost there, brave boy.”

“My toddler drew on the wall. Here is my reaction. I win at life and laughter today!”

The note says:

“”Half-Achieved-” Artist Iggy. An ode to boldness in the face of adversity and repercussions.”


“I found this on my work-from-home desk this morning. It was put there for me by my little girl. I love being a dad.”

“My mom found my book in her local library and I can’t get over how proud she looks.”

“My mom during chemo with her youngest grandbaby, twinning in pink! (My mom is now cancer-free!)”

“My cousins and I were doing piggyback rides and my 90-year-old great-grandma wanted a ride, so I made it happen.”

“My husband, and my son, in the same outfit made by my mother-in-law. 1985 and 2020.”

“Celebrated my grandmother’s 100th birthday today.”

“My mini-me! After 4 miscarriages, here is the light of my life. When I saw this photo of her, on the left, it reminded me of this photo from when I was 12 months old, on the right!”

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