5 Fun Games To Play With Your Cat

5 Fun Games To Play With Your Cat –

Playing games with your cats is a great way to bond. Every cat is different so it’s important to know your cat, and to know his or her body language. If you have a kitten in your life, play is an essential part of development and growth. Here are some fun games your cat will love

Bathtub Ping Pong

Make sure you remove soap and anything that can potentially get knocked over or spook Captain Whiskers. Drop in a ping pong and watch your cat play.


Not just for dogs. If you throw a small toy that your cat can carry, you just might find the toy coming back for you to throw again.

Cups and bell

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Put a bell under one of 3 identical colored cups. Shuffle the cups around like a magician and see if your cat is able to follow the bell and pick the right cup. You may be surprised.

Hidden Treasure

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Put a small piece of meat or a treat inside a piece of paper and crumple it up but not too tightly. Cats like paper and mystery and they love treats!

Hide And Seek

Hide anywhere, behind a couch or curtain. Let your cat find you. But be on guard, cats are crafty!

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