7 Adorable Baby Animals You Should Look At Now Before They Grow Up And Try To Eat You

7 Adorable Baby Animals You Should Look At Now Before They Grow Up And Try To Eat You – 


Look at these sweet baby animals! So cute, so tiny, just begging to be snorgled and petted and hugged and loved. For a few months, anyway. After that—watch out, because these animals will definitely not want to snuggle. They’ll be way more interested in fighting and eating. Mother Nature, why you gotta be so mean?

1. African lion

Come here and let me boop your nose immediately.

Lions are cute when they’re babies and beautiful when they’re adults. But by no means would you want to get close to them once they’re no longer cubs. In a pride of lions, it’s the female who does most of the hunting, according to National Geographic, but the members of the pride will often work together to take down antelopes, zebras, and other large animals in grasslands.

 Okay, no petting, I get it!

2. Cape buffalo

Aww, you’re just like a wee knock-kneed cow, aren’t you?


Cape buffalo (also known as African buffalo and Black Death) predominately eat grass and shrubs, so why are they on this list of ferocious killers? Because when they’re hunted by humans, Cape buffalo will often circle back and counter attack. They’re also antagonistic and sometimes face their predators directly, just looking for a fight. Working together in herds, they can even take down large predators like lions. They’ve been described as highly unpredictable and incredibly dangerous.

Backing away, backing away…

3. Polar bear

If this baby polar bear got any cuter, it’d be illegal.

The polar bear is one of the top ten deadliest animals on the planet, according to The TelegraphPolar bears are the largest land-dwelling meat eaters (sorry, Larry the Cable Guy), and can easily decapitate a human head with just “a swipe of its paw.” Thanks for that visual, Telegraph! They’re also extremely protective of their cubs and will attack without hesitation if they feel threatened. So you definitely don’t want to offer one a can of Coke, no matter how much those Christmas time commercials make it look like an adorable idea.

 The perfect “Don’t mess with me” face. I’m going to try to mimic it.

4. Tiger

How can I let sleeping tigers lie when I want so much to wake you up to play?


Tigers are the largest members of the cat family. According to Defenders.org, tigers hunt by using their immense body weight to knock their prey to the ground and then finish them off with a bite to the neck. They’re also strong swimmers and very capable of killing prey in the water.

Tigers are actually known to be vindictive, too. The Dodo wrote about a book called The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival, which tells the story of a poacher who injured a Siberian tiger. Apparently, the tiger found the man’s cabin, pulled his mattress outside so it could lie down comfortably to wait for the poacher to return home, and then reduced him to remains “so small and so few they could have fit in a shirt pocket.”

Hm, not quite as cute.

5. Hyena

Hello, little monkey dog creature, you look awfully friendly.

Planetdeadly.com reports that while hyenas had been thought of as scavengers for years, it now turns out that they actually kill around 95 percent of the stuff they eat. In fact, lions end up eating victims of hyenas more often than the other way around.

According to the same site, hyenas have powerful jaws, “capable of crushing elephant bones.” It seems they’re more afraid of humans than other African carnivores, but they’re bold predators at night. Good luck against these pack hunters that weigh up to 200 pounds each.

 Not quite so funny anymore.

6. Leopard

Leopards can run more than 37 mph, leap more than 20 feet horizontally and almost 10 feet vertically, and have a better sense of smell than tigers. They hunt at night and often hang out in trees, waiting to pounce down on their prey. They can also drag carcasses larger than themselves up into trees. Basically, do not screw with leopards.

Don’t worry, he’s probably just kissing those birds.


7. African elephant

Look at this baby, he’s actually smiling!

Is there anything cuter than a baby elephant? No, no there is not. However, adult African elephants weigh up to 12,000 pounds, according to tripsavvy.com. While they don’t eat meat, they can still trample you to death. Males, especially, will sometimes act aggressively even when not provoked. And while it’s true that they are cautious around mice, it’s probably due to the element of surprise more than anything else. The same does not go for humans.

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