7 Amazing Animal Cafés From Around The World

7 Amazing Animal Cafés From Around The World – 


Animal cafés have sprung up around the world in the last few years. Get a coffee or a meal and hang out with adorable animals, many of whom have been rescued or are up for adoption. It’s an awesome new development in the cuddling industry, and anything that helps animals get into good homes is a positive thing! I might start on a pilgrimage to all these places, many of which are in Japan, the home of the animal café trend. Here are seven awesome animal cafés from around the world!


1. Thanks Nature Café

This SHEEP CAFÉ in Seoul is a perfect place to get some food and hang out with some adorable sheep. One Trip Advisor reviewer said she “came for the sheep and stayed for the waffles.” You don’t have to pay a fee to pet the sheep, you just have to buy a coffee or food. The café’s Instagram is fascinating too because it’s half photos from their sheep café and half hand-drawn celebrity portraits?


2. Usagi To Café



This café in the Tokyo area lets you get a coffee and hold cute little bunnies! As their one English Yelp review says, “if you love bunnies, don’t mind random poo & pee on the floor, this is the place for you!” I LOVE bunnies and I LOVE random poo and pee on the floor so I hope to make it to this adorable café someday.

3. Owl Café Mohumohu


At this Tokyo café, you can drink a soda and pet some adorable owls whose habitat was destroyed. Before the cafe rescued them, these owls had nowhere to go. But now you can pat them on their heads, feed them, and the staff might even put one on your shoulder. God damn I want to pet owls.


4. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium



This cat café in London is a perfect place to have some coffee and cake (they even have high tea!) and hang out with cute fuzzy cats. Some yelp reviewers were a little bummed that the cats don’t play with you on demand, because apparently they were unfamiliar with what cats are like. You gotta earn their love, even when you’re paying for their time.


5. Dog Café LA



This café has a new strategy in dog adoption — all the dogs in the café are up for adoption and you get to hang out and play with them before deciding if you want to make one your forever friend. I can’t have a dog because I live in a no-pet apartment and I’m too irresponsible so for my girlfriend’s birthday this year we paid for two hours to just hang out with the cute dogs and felt good knowing our money went to their care!


6. Reptiles Café Rock Star

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This café in Osaka lets you handle all sorts of reptiles — snakes, iguanas, chameleons, tarantulas, scorpions, giant millipedes, and more. All you have to do is buy a drink and you can hang out with cutie crawlies. The animals mostly stay in their glass tanks until you request to take one out, so it’s not like there are snakes crawling all over the floor right when you walk in.


7. The Perch Café


This Colorado Springs parrot café is the perfect place to drink coffee, shop for bird food, and hang out with adorable parrots. Oh, and did I mention they’re up for adoption?! The café is affiliated with Metro Denver Parrot Rescue, which has found homes for more than 250 birds since 2014.

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