7 Animals People Say Are Ugly That Are Actually Cute

7 Animals People Say Are Ugly That Are Actually Cute – 


Being an ugly animal sucks. You don’t get Instagrammed as often, and when you do, you don’t get very many likes. Researchers have even discovered that ugly animals are more likely to go extinct because humans don’t study them as much or put as much effort into their conservation. And then there’s the specific injustice that comes when animals are called ugly, but really aren’t ugly at all. It’s time to give these animals a second chance. Here are seven animals people say are ugly but are actually super cute.


1. Opossums


I have no idea why opossums are considered ugly. They are clearly cute. Is it because they hiss? Cats hiss and they’re still cute. Is it because they’re nocturnal? I’m nocturnal and I’m still cute. I think opossums are cute and they’re resistant to many types of poison including snake venom, ricin, and botulinum toxin. But honestly they don’t need Botox because they age with grace.


2. Some spiders


I’ll admit, not all spiders are cute. But it just isn’t fair to paint all 40,000 types of spiders with the same brush. I think tiny jumping spiders are adorable. This one is wearing a droplet of water on his head! Jumping spiders have four eyes and they can hear with their leg hair.


3. Bats


People are freaked out by bats because they have wings and I think that’s unfair. Wings are awesome, and we’re probably just jealous. Bats are adorable! They’re like mice or cats that can fly! This bat is getting a massage with a toothbrush. Come on. That is cute.


4. Wombats


They don’t sound cute, and to be honest, you have to get the right angle, but on the whole, wombats are freaking adorable. Look how fuzzy and adorably chubby they are! I just think this whole “rodents are ugly” thing is super unfair.


5. Snails

snail animated GIF


Okay, to be honest, I’m not sure if people say snails are ugly. But I don’t think most people have appreciated just how cute they are! I have two pet snails and they’re adorable, what with their little antennae and slightly see-through foot. Mystery snails even like to go “parasnailing”, which is where they jump off of things in their tank and float to the bottom just for fun. Okay, I’m only guessing that it’s for fun, but if there is a real reason, don’t tell me. I prefer to think of them having fun.


6. Octopi


I love Octopi. They are fascinating and yes, very cute. Some species of octopus can change the texture and color of their skin. Some use tools to create shelter. Also, octopi have three hearts and their suction cups can taste. How weirdly adorable!

7. Snakes

Snakes, especially the baby ones, can be very cute. While they get a lot of heat for being ugly or scary, it’s only because of how we’ve been raised to see snakes. When I was little, my mom instilled in me an appreciation for our slithery friends. A few years ago, when my little brother was three, he made a comment about snakes being scary. I mansplained to him that actually, snakes are cool. We started watching YouTube videos of snakes and now he isn’t afraid of them anymore. When your parents tell you that bugs, bats, and snakes are scary, you’re gonna think they’re scary. So why not just look at cute pictures of them online and open up your world instead?

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