7 Animals That Are Smarter Than You Think

7 Animals That Are Smarter Than You Think – 

If human intelligence has a fatal flaw, it’s that we compare everything to ourselves. For example, animals don’t speak human languages, so we’ve decided that makes them unintelligent. But many animal species show intelligence in ways both similar to and completely unique from our own. Here are seven animals that are smarter than you think.

1. Crows


Crows can solve puzzles as well as 5-year-old human children and make and use tools at least as well as apes. Plus, they can teach other crows how to make tools, and are the only non-human species to make and use tools out of materials they have never seen in the wild.

2. Komodo dragons


Komodo dragons aren’t just 10-foot-long lizards that eat deer and sometimes people, they’re also terrifyingly intelligent. They can count to six. Komodo dragons are out here counting, y’all. Doing math.

3. Rats


And in the math department, komodo dragons ain’t got nothin’ on rats , who can accurately keep time in their heads. An experiment found they could press a button every 15 seconds to get food.

4. Bees


Here’s how smart bees are — one bee finds a good source of food, then goes back to the hive to tell his friends about it. He uses his body to tell them what direction the food is and draw a map of how to get there, with directions as specific as “fly at a 45 degree angle from our current location.” For real. That’s like if I did an interpretive dance to tell you how to get to the grocery store.

5. African hornbill birds


The term “birdbrain” commonly means someone who isn’t smart, but maybe it should mean someone who’s bilingual. Hornbills are one of the only animals that can understand a language spoken by an entirely different species, as they understand Diana Monkey. You see, when Diana Monkeys warn each other about eagles, hornbills fly away, as eagles are a threat. But when they warn about predators that don’t threaten hornbills, the hornbills just stay where they’re at. Genius. I want to be a birdbrain.

6. Squirrels


If you think squirrels are dumb, think again. Squirrels pretend to bury food that doesn’t exist to trick other animals. One fifth of all squirrel food burials are empty, and squirrels are especially likely to bury invisible food if they’re being watched. Basically, they are genius liars.

7. Goldfish


Goldfish aren’t exactly SMART, but they are smarter than you think, and that’s what this article is all about. Goldfish don’t have a three second long memory, as urban legend says, but actually a five month long memory. Goldfish taught to recognize certain sounds in captivity could recognize those sounds months later in the wild.


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