7 Little Things About Cats That Are Very Cute

7 Little Things About Cats That Are Very Cute –

Cats — they’re super cute. We all know how cute their fuzzy fur is.

We all know how cute their little meows are. We all know how cute it is when they rub up against your leg.

But are we taking enough time to appreciate the small, extremely cute things about cats? Are we??

I think it’s time to give love to these little cat details.

1. Their feet

My god, their feet. They’re so small and round and fuzzy. How do they even stand on those tiny balls of fuzz?


2. The little pads of their paws

I know, I know, I’m still hung up on their feet. They’re just very cute, okay?

The little pads on the underside of their paws are adorable! So soft!

And most cats hate it when you touch them, so it’s even more special when you get to!


3. Their tiny teeth

My cat’s teeth are literally the size of a grain of sand. How do they even get that small?

They have like four teeth they can actually use and then the rest of them are SO TINY!


4. Their scratchy tongues

Wow. Cat’s tongues are simply epic. Tiny pieces of sandpaper they sometimes choose to lick you with in the ultimate gift of their love.

Sometimes they forget that their tongues are sticking out a little bit and they look so silly. It is the best.


5. Whiskers

Whiskers are so cute, they have their own hashtag — #whiskerswednesday is apparently a thing on Cat Twitter.

I love not only cats’ whiskers, but also the little part of their cheek where the whiskers come out. It’s so poofy and squishy. I want to squish them.


6. Noses

Their NOSES! My god. They’re so tiny. They look just like lion noses, but one millionth the size. They’re so small.

My brain is short circuiting just trying to express how cute their little noses are. I want to kiss all the cat noses.


7. Their smell

This one might be weird, but I noticed it a couple years ago — our cat Eva just smells so good.

I like to give her a big hug and sniff her fur because it smells amazing. Then I got another cat, Ellie, and she also smells amazing!

Do all cats smell this great? I am not sure. But probably. Because cats are magic.


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