7 ‘Odd’ Animals You May Not Know About

PRAYING MANTIS SHRIMP: Holds the record for the world’s fastest punch. Its eyes are probably the most complex in the entire animal kingdom. Known to break bones, glass, and pretty much anything with its powerful punches.

LYRE BIRD: Can imitate just about any sound, including car alarms, chainsaws, and camera shutters. It does this to attract a potential mate.

BLUE-RINGED OCTOPUS: Though this little guy is very tiny, its power is no joke. Venom is extremely toxic, and its victims are known as “zombies”. This is because the venom paralyzes the victim, and with no antivenom available, the only chance of hope is by breathing for the victim in their mouth until the venom wears off.

HAIRY FROG: Can break its own bones to produce claws as a self-defense mechanism.

MANE WOLF: It’s like a wolf, deer, and a fox all in one, and it’s none of those. It’s very special.

WHITE BELLBIRD: The loudest bird in the world (125 decibels). It’s nothing like you would expect a bird to sound, since it sounds like some sort of alarm. It can damage your hearing. The call is to attract mates.

SECRETARY BIRD: Those are some very beautiful eyelashes.

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