7 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than People

7 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than People – 



I never considered myself a dog person, since I also love cats, fish, lizards, wombats, hippopotamuses, and a lot of other animals. But a couple months ago I started fostering a puppy, and you know what guys? I’m officially a dog person now. My dog Otis is my son. I love him more than anyone besides my girlfriend and my mom. He is a blessing upon this Earth. I never want to live in a world without dogs. Here are seven reasons why dogs are better than people.


1. They don’t get jaded


As people get older, they get worn down by life. Most people’s hope and optimism burns out pretty young. But not dogs! Dogs are basically kids for their entire life. They can be 100 years old (in dog years, obviously) and still love chomping on toys and running around in circles in the yard. They never stop appreciating the little things and it’s a freaking joy to behold.


2. They look cute doing gross stuff


My dog likes to eat dirt. It’s not a good thing, and I stop him from doing it whenever I see it, but it’s sorta hilariously cute. If I ate dirt, no one would think it was cute. No one.


3. They lower your heart rate


Being around animals is good for your health and petting a dog every day is one way to bring down your heart rate. Being around other human beings raises your heart rate (unless they’re your yoga master or something).


4. Just seeing one puts you in a good mood


Whenever I walk down the street and I see a dog, I get a smile on my face. “Ah, it’s a dog. Hello, dog! Glad to see a dog out and about.” I do not have this same reaction whenever I see a person. “Ah, it’s a person. I hope they don’t talk to me.”


5. You can annoy your dogs as much as you want


I love laying on my dog, kissing his ears, cuddling him whenever I want to, taking pictures of him while he’s sleeping, and other weird things that would annoy almost anyone. I think it’s fair because he annoys me by waking me up at 7:30 in the morning, occasionally peeing inside (he’s 4 months old), and stealing my socks. We have a balanced relationship of annoyance and our love is unconditional.


6. Dogs don’t get existential


I get depressed; I wonder why I’m alive; I think about the universe and get nauseous. Dogs do none of these things. They only think about real, present things like running, chewing, and eating. I think the human propensity to get existential is a real flaw in our design. Dogs don’t have that flaw. They are flawless.


7. They’re cuter


It’s superficial, sure, but on the whole, dogs are definitely cuter than humans. Almost all dogs are cute. Most humans are somewhat gross at best.

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