8 Fun Themes to Try for Your Christmas Tree

8 Fun Themes to Try for Your Christmas Tree –


Want to have EXTRA fun with Christmas decorating this year? Instead of throwing random lights and ornaments on your Christmas tree, try decorating it with a theme! If there’s something you love, like Star Wars or Celine Dion, decorate it with ornaments that fit your interest. If you need some ideas, here are eight fun themes to try for your Christmas tree this year!


1. Ocean theme


An ocean or beach theme is great for Christmas revelers in warm climates where it never snows. Decorate it with shells, flamingos, or tropical flowers depending on whether you want more of a deep sea, Hawaii, or Florida vibe.


2. Retro silver aluminum tree


Silver aluminum trees were really big in the ‘50s and ‘60s when people had just figured out how to make unnatural-looking things and were doing it like gangbusters. They’re still really cute and make for a unique, retro look.


3. Giant snowman


An all-white tree with a snowman head topper becomes a giant snowman in your living room! Cute, or terrifying? It all depends on how good you are at tree decoration.


4. Rainbow


Want to show off your pride? Who doesn’t?? Get a bunch of ornaments in rainbow colors, then arrange them on the tree so they’re grouped by color in the order of the rainbow. Now everyone will know how gay you are (or how much you like Skittles).


5. Classic Victorian


Tinsel is featured in every Christmas song for a reason – it makes a really pretty, classic look on a tree. Christmas trees were originally decorated with candles, which caused a big problem for families who had their houses burn down (happens every year!). If you don’t feel like enjoying Christmas en flagrante, try using faux candles instead for a classic look sans burning alive.


6. Book tree


More a fan of trees after they’ve been cut down, processed, and turned into something you can read? Take a bunch of books and arrange them in a tree/pyramid shape, then decorate with lights and a cute topper!


7. Chrismukkah


Want to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah at the same time? Take a page from Seth Cohen and celebrate Chrismukkah. Decorate your Christmas tree with blue and white lights and add a Star of David on top and you have a perfect tree to blend your Jewish and Gentile sides.


8. Goth


Is Christmas just a little too cheery for you? Bring all your Halloween decorations back out (or, let’s be real, collect them from around the house since you never took them down) and put them all over your tree. If you want to go really creepy, just decorate your tree with random skeleton parts.

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