9 Hilarious Accessories For Your Dog

9 Hilarious Accessories For Your Dog – 

Does your dog feel like he’s missing something? Per the company website, Neuticles—that’s right, fake dog testicles—”allow your pet to retain his natural look and self-esteem, and aids in the trauma associated with altering.”

People (men in particular) have a hard time with the idea of castrating their dogs, despite being aware of the importance of spaying and neutering. Neuticles take some of the canine humiliation out of this procedure. They come in different models— ranging in price from $120 for the basic set to $1200 for high-end balls, which have been described as the “softest, most natural implants possible.”

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Bowlingual Voice Translator

Japanese toymaker Tomy has released a translating gadget that can turn barks into words—allegedly.

Bowlingual Voice speaks with a human voice from a handheld unit wirelessly linked to a microphone around the dog’s collar and recognizes six basic canine emotions. Tomy says it can simultaneously translate the woofs of about 50 breeds of dog into Japanese. We’d like to know, however—where is the English version? (Source)


Leg Warmers

Yes, they can be cute, but does a dog really need leg warmers? Some believe so, as they are ideal for keeping tiny snowballs from accumulating on your dog’s legs during the harsh winter. (Source | Photo)


Snow Boots

Dog boots—yes or no?

In 2012, researchers in Japan studied the legs and paws of dogs and discovered that a “wonderful network” of veins helped quickly circulate blood from the pad through the legs to warm it back up before sending it into the body, keeping the overall temperature of the dog steady. With dogs’ arteries running right close to their veins, warm blood passed by the cool blood, helping to speed warming even more. This system, dubbed “counter-current heat exchanger,” also pulls warm blood to the paws and limits the amount of blood near the body’s cool skin.

Earlier studies also revealed that dogs have tissue in their feet that keep them from freezing all the way down to -35 degrees Fahrenheit. So, while boots may not be a necessity, they sure still look cute on the dog attempting to walk in them!

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Machino is made for the canine “man of the house” and, according to its creators, creates a “feeling of relaxed sophistication and understated luxury” in your pet. With notes of lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, lavender, marine accord, amber, and musk, the $60 scent is inspired by the energy of New York City, the ultimate expression of dog masculinity. (Buy it Here)



Are you constantly having to pry your promiscuous pooch off the legs of anyone within a few mile radius of your home? Protect your legs (and your dignity) from hump attacks by getting your pooch a Hotdoll.

This sex doll for dogs is shaped like another dog and allows your randy pet to go to town as much as his little heart desires while giving your pillows a much-needed rest. (Source | Photo)


Nail Polish

In the early 2000s, Paris Hilton and other young Hollywood starlets started carrying small dogs around while on the go, and their canines quickly became fashion accessories. This trend resulted in a boom in the dog couture industry, leading to fashion designers creating beautifully diamond studded collars, carrying bags, clothing, and pet nail polish—yes, you heard that right.

If you are going to go there and wish to paint your pup’s nails, make sure to get polish designed for specifically for dogs; nail polish for humans is quite toxic. (Source)


Dog Butt Covers

Rear Gear seller Etsy hawks accessories for your cat or dog, but not the usual doggy jackets or cute miniature hats. Au contraire—Rear Gear specializes in canine butt covers. (Its charming tagline is “No more Mr. Brown Eye.”) They come in various designs, including cupcakes, disco balls, biohazard symbols, and even custom versions, like a company logo or cute family photo. Just hang this bad boy on your pet’s tail, and you can totally pretend that it’s not a living, pooping animal—for a few hours anyway. ()



One company has created a new gizmo in an effort to get rid of the ickiest part of pup parenting.

Piqapoo is a cushioned clip you place near your dog’s tail, which has a small bag attached to the bottom. The invention claims that when your dog does his or her business, the attached bag will catch the poop for you. All you have to do is remove the used bag and toss it. Creators say that the Piqapoo has been tested on 100 dogs with positive results, and since it’s reached its crowdfunding goal, we expect you’ll see it in the not too distant future. (Source)

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