A Disabled Kitten Can Now Walk Thanks To Two Brothers And Their 3D Printer

A Disabled Kitten Can Now Walk Thanks To Two Brothers And Their 3D Printer –

Two brothers from Canada have created a tiny pair of 3D-printed braces to act as artificial legs for a disabled kitten, and the result just might be the most heart-warming thing we’ve ever seen.

In a world full of negative news, it’s always great to see a story that restores our faith in humanity, and this is definitely one of those.

Carly the kitten was born with a rare condition dubbed swimmer’s syndrome, which makes it incredibly difficult for her to walk. According to Good News Network, the 6-month-old tabby was given up by her previous owners who took her to All Paws Rescue in Brampton, Ontario. While the rescue was working to find the gorgeous feline a new home, her disability was making it difficult to find a family willing to take her on.




Thankfully, Carly’s luck changed when Karen Boerner, a professional pet groomer, took her home on a foster-basis. Although Boerner couldn’t offer Carly a permanent home, she knew she had to help her and give her a decent shot at life. The groomer took to social media to find a solution to the kitten’s problems, but little did she know that Andrew and Joshua Cameron would offer up a solution she couldn’t have possibly ever dreamed of.

The two brothers are co-founders of Andosh Accessible Gaming, a Canadian company based out of Guelph, Ontario, that focuses on helping people with disabilities access video games. Once they saw Boerner’s post, they felt inspired to help Carly live her best life, largely because the two brothers could relate to the kitten’s struggle on quite a personal level.

Both Joshua, 22, and Andrew, 25, were born with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a condition which causes their bones to dislocate easily. When they saw poor Carly, they knew they had to intervene and quickly started working on two 3D-printed braces to help stabilize her legs -pink ones, of course! With the help of a certified orthotist, the duo was able to develop the adorable devices so Carly could finally move around freely.

Thanks to the generosity of the Cameron brothers, Carly is now able to walk around with more ease and less discomfort, and play with her feline friends without lagging behind. Boerner anticipates the braces will help little Carly finally become a regular, furry feline, and provide her with the active lifestyle she deserves.

“It’s going to give her that advantage, and help her lead a normal life,” Boerner told CTV News Kitchener.

Currently, Carly is back in the loving arms of her foster mama while her progress is being monitored. If all is well, the “little tabby kitten that could” will be back up for foster within the next couple of weeks.

Let’s hope Carly gets the forever home she deserves! Who wouldn’t want a kitten that sweet, with that much determination? If you think you can offer a home for Carly, contact the rescue center to learn more about adoption.

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