Alpacas Are the Perfect Cure For A Bad Day

Alpacas Are the Perfect Cure For A Bad Day –



They’re cousins with camels but they’re much smaller, fluffier, and more photogenic than that side of the family. Alpacas, which are native to Peru, were considered Mother Earth’s (Pachamama) gift to the Incas but they’re certainly a gift to all of us. Just take a look at their smiles, big eyes, statement hairstyles, and attitude, you’ll be convinced they can give you the gift of happiness at any given moment.



Alpaca in winter
Ueno, Taitoh-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Brown alpaca with glint in its eyes looking cute.

Rust colored alpaca with big head of hair making a funny face

A curious alpaca checks out the guy with the camera!
Alpaca at Newcastle Show, Newcastle NSW

Peru, Cusco, Lama, Lama glama resting under the sun.

Portrait of a white Alpaca (Vicunga Pacos). The Alpaca is a domesticated species of South American camelid.

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